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Ignite Payments e-Commerce solutions help online businesses make good on the promise of e-business and help expand market reach.

Every year established businesses find ways to use the Internet to sell directly to consumers, and companies are created that need e-commerce capability. As this momentum continues to build, more and more consumers are making online purchases a routine. Whether your business is home-based, in the field, or a new offering needing integration into existing business systems, FDIS can customize secure payment solutions that fit.

Enable any Web site, any size, with custom or ready-made shopping carts

E-commerce is increasingly essential, and secure online acceptance of credit card and gift card transactions can assist retailers in preventing fraud. Whether you need to customize a solution or need technical support, FDIS gets your payment processing up and running securely.

Virtual Point-of-Sale Solutions

As long as you have a Web connection, you can turn a PC into a point-of-sale (POS) device and process transactions from nearly any location, brick and mortar or virtual.

Connect Solutions

Looking for a quick and easy way to add payment capabilities to your Web site? With just a little HTML knowledge, you can set up ready-made shopping carts on your site with no concern about maintaining security because all transaction processing is handled on our servers.

Application Programming Interface (API) Solution

A custom commerce solution, the API solutions help you build customized e-commerce capabilities for virtually any Web site and is best suited for larger merchants with programming expertise and resources.

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