Wireless Terminal

Wireless Terminal

Our wireless offerings are uniquely designed for merchants on the go and they create convenience and flexibility by delivering:

  • Multiple carrier/network options
  • Wireless solutions for anywhere, anytime – perfect for delivery services, limousines and taxi services, home repair, fairs, markets and more
  • Solutions for fixed locations where analogue lines aren’t available or feasible – including kiosks, parking garages, stadiums, arenas and outdoor locations
  • POS devices with the form and functionality to support unique environments
  • Fast authorizations
  • Chargeback reduction
  • Money-saving credit card swipe rate

Every day, millions of businesses make sales in the field, yet many still have to call in credit card numbers to their home offices where someone manually enters transactions. In these situations, retailers can spend an additional 15 to 20 minutes with each sale, create paper transactions that put them at a higher risk for fraud and chargebacks, pay much higher rates, and wait additional time for funds to be deposited.

With Ignite Payments wireless solutions, we make accepting credit card transactions truly mobile by processing them wherever your business takes you. Ideal for any business that operates remotely, we offer fully enabled POS devices that you can use to process standard transactions at a low cost, independent of your office or out-of-town infrastructure. Our wireless programs allow you to complete a transaction in seconds at a card-present rate and can also help reduce risk, improve cash flow, save administrative and transaction processing costs, and increase employee productivity and sales.

Our Wireless products help you successfully implement your mobile business strategy. Our wireless processing solutions combine innovation and reliability with mobility  – allowing you to choose your own time and place for accepting and processing payments. Whatever the environment, our solutions provide the technology to make your point-of-sale accessible whenever you want, wherever you want.

E-Commerce – Internet


Ignite Payments e-Commerce solutions help online businesses make good on the promise of e-business and help expand market reach.

Every year established businesses find ways to use the Internet to sell directly to consumers, and companies are created that need e-commerce capability. As this momentum continues to build, more and more consumers are making online purchases a routine. Whether your business is home-based, in the field, or a new offering needing integration into existing business systems, FDIS can customize secure payment solutions that fit.

Enable any Web site, any size, with custom or ready-made shopping carts

E-commerce is increasingly essential, and secure online acceptance of credit card and gift card transactions can assist retailers in preventing fraud. Whether you need to customize a solution or need technical support, FDIS gets your payment processing up and running securely.

Virtual Point-of-Sale Solutions

As long as you have a Web connection, you can turn a PC into a point-of-sale (POS) device and process transactions from nearly any location, brick and mortar or virtual.

Connect Solutions

Looking for a quick and easy way to add payment capabilities to your Web site? With just a little HTML knowledge, you can set up ready-made shopping carts on your site with no concern about maintaining security because all transaction processing is handled on our servers.

Application Programming Interface (API) Solution

A custom commerce solution, the API solutions help you build customized e-commerce capabilities for virtually any Web site and is best suited for larger merchants with programming expertise and resources.

Health & Beauty – Spas

Health and Beauty

Health spas and beauty salons are experiencing a surge in business as more and more people are turning to the therapeutic, relaxing experience they present for both mind and body. Helping to make the industry even more popular is the emergence of gift cards, which are a quickly growing form of payment that can help merchants drive traffic to their businesses, increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Ignite Payments offers a program to help your business unlock the profit potential of these trends. Our gift card offering is an integral part of an expansive payment processing service that the FDIS Spalon program encompasses. Along with gift cards, the program offers comprehensive, fast payment solutions for both single- and multiple-location spas and salons to help build brand awareness and increase foot traffic.

Maximized Transaction Technology

Our programs have a powerful appeal for spa and salon owners. We minimize your stress by offering our best-in-class transaction technology that allows you to:

  • Process fast electronic payments
  • Special POS terminals that facilitate multi-merchant capability
  • Offer TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance® (ECA®) Verification  and Warranty  services
    • Minimizes bad check returns and fees
    • Customize reloadable gift cards
    • May help increase sales and repeat customers

Whether you are opening a new business or expanding an established one, our Spalon program provides flexible, robust and secure products and services enabling day spas and salons across the nation to accept nearly every type of electronic payment.

Mobile Payments – Smartphones

First Data Mobile Pay™ solutions is an online payment application that allows you to turn your cell phone into a point-of-sale (POS) device and process credit, debit and gift card transactions from anywhere.

Designed to help the mobile, on-the-go business offer secure payment options to customers easily and cost effectively. Whether you are delivering pizza or repairing a broken pipe, you can offer your customers the convenience of paying with the card of their choice. And at the end of the day, you can manage your account using standardized reports right from your cell phone or any PC with internet connection.

Medical Offices – Doctors – Dentists

We provide credit card processing, medical merchant accounts and medical payment solutions for the following types of medical facilities:

  • Medical Doctors (MD)
  • Surgeons
  • Medical Specialists
  • Dentists
  • Chiropractors
  • Dermatology & Med Spa
  • Naturopathic (NMD)
  • Holistic
  • Animal Veterinary
  • Hospitals
  • Emergency Room / Urgent Care
  • Off-site and On-site Medical Billing Offices

7 Payment processing benefits provided on every Medical merchant account:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Affordability
  3. Compatibility
  4. Implementation & Integration Assistance
  5. Reporting for Medical Payment Processing (Patient, Location, & Transaction Specific)
  6. Security & Fraud Prevention and PCI / HIPPA Compliant
  7. Customer Service (24/7 Live dedicated support)

What’s the best credit card processing solution for a Medical Office and their patients?

When operating a medical office it is important to know how to evaluate and choose the right credit card processing solution.

On a daily basis, Ignite Payments consult’s with medical offices of all sizes to help them customize and choose the best payment processing solution.

Medical Offices with Ignite Paymentss process payments through stand-alone terminals, (cloud) web-based virtual terminals, mobile devices, and/or through Point of Sale software (POS).  We can help your office go completely cloud-based or stand-alone terminal based.

Ignite PaymentsPayment Solutions are also tailored to address the 14 most relevant needs for a “Medical Office and their patients.”

  1. Next Day Funding Receive your medical bill / charges the following business day. It is critical for medical and health care businesses to receive timely payments.
  2. One Point Billing Save time and money by consolidating Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express into one merchant statement, and funding source.
  3. Flexible Fee Structure Control whether your merchant fees are taken out on a daily basis or once at the end of the month.
  4. Online Reporting The most Robust and Easy to use reporting tool for Medical Offices of all sizes.  Easily keep track of Patient, Location, & Transaction Specific details to reconcile your your books daily. Reconcile and manage payment processing from anywhere the Internet is accessible. Free training and support.
  5. Recurring Payments Provide repeat patients the convenience and speed of automatically charging their card on file for each office visit. Establish monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly recurring payment options for medical programs, subscription, and services.  Process, store, and retrieve patient credit card information and payment history from the cloud.
  6. Payment by Phone, Invoice, or Mail HIPAA friendly and a PCI Compliant solution. Use anyone of our Cloud Web-based payment solutions or anyone of our stand-alone terminals to process phone, invoice, and mail sent payments. Reduce liability and remove all patient credit card information and payment history from your physical location(s).  Free training and support.
  7. Off-Site Billing Department Set up physical or virtual terminals at off-site billing departments to conveniently process and manage customer payments directly into your merchant account.
  8. Online Patient Billing Page Invoice your patients and provide an option for them to pay online through your website.  Your choice of shopping cart and payment gateway.
  9. Check Processing Save time and money with making trips to the bank, waiting in line, and paying staff to deposit checks. Instead, process checks electronically at your office through our gateway, POS, or stand-alone terminal and receive funds in your merchant bank account typically within 24-72 hours.
  10. Medical Gift Card and Medical Discount Card Program Increase revenue and patient loyalty.
  11. Debit PIN Pad and Stand Alone Terminal Provide your customers the option to pay by debit card by entering their PIN number and save money per transaction.
  12. Mobile Processing When processing payments away from your office have the option to process payments through an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.  Integrate all processing into one main merchant account for easier reporting and reconciliation.
  13. QuickBooks Integrate all payment processing transactions directly into Quick Books Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.
  14. Business Quick Cash Advance Easy access to working capital fund’s to enhance and grow your medical practice.

Regardless of whether you are a small medical office or a high volume medical office, we have the perfect HIPPA compliant and PCI compliant medical payment solution.  Process credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and checks through a cloud based or terminal based solution.  Our digital invoice and web-based inventory management solutions will also help simplify operations at each medical facility.

Restaurants – Bars – Nightclubs

Quick Service Restaurants

Credit card usage at quick service restaurants (QSRs) is growing at an astonishing rate. To capitalize on this lucrative trend, Ignite Payments offers a specially designed Quick Service Restaurant Program with the diverse needs of the QSR merchant in mind. Our efficient, quick-payment solution dramatically improves the speed and profitability of low-ticket, swipe-and-go transactions by allowing merchants to offer a variety of payment options to help satisfy customer needs, attract new customers and increase market share.

Simple and Robust

The QSR Program presents a very simple yet robust retail application with a variety of communication and processing options for both large and small-scale QSRs. Our team of experts has designed flexible solutions that address transaction speed, ticket size, customer service and future technological advancements.

With our QSR Program you receive:

  • Streamlined credit and debit processing with online access to real-time transaction data available through mymerchantoffice.com
  • A customer-generating gift card program
  • Greater customer loyalty

Improve Transaction Speed

When it comes to transaction time, every second counts. By capitalizing on available point-of-sale (POS) solutions that use Internet protocol (IP) and Contactless technology, merchants can cut card transaction times down by approximately three to four seconds, essentially making electronic card transactions much faster than cash. The MasterCard® Convenience and Visa® Small Ticket programs offer the following features to help you save even more time for transactions under $15:

  • A customer receipt is required only if requested by the cardholder
  • The cardholder’s signature is not required

Generate Greater Revenue

Generating greater revenue is the name of the game, and that’s where our QSR Program can help you succeed. Studies have shown that card acceptance at QSR locations can attract new customers and improve traffic. According to a First Data survey, 63 percent of respondents would visit a QSR that accepts cards more often than those that accept cash only.* Additionally, payment cards have a positive impact on the average transaction size as consumers are not as price conscious when using cards at a QSR location.

* First Data survey, 2002

Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

Ignite Payments understands that convenience stores and other petroleum retailers have unique needs at the point-of-sale that differentiate them from other retail markets. Speed of service, the ability to accept alternative payment options, minimizing payment processing costs and building customer loyalty are just a few key concerns for business owners in this industry. We offer a complete range of payment solutions designed to enhance point-of-sale capabilities and consumers’ shopping experience in the Petroleum/C-store environment.

With Our Petroleum Payment Solutions, You Get:

  • Various programs designed to help reduce credit card fees
  • Streamlined credit, debit and Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) processing
  • Multi-payment options including pay-at-the-pump solutions
  • Expanded payment options with Fleet card acceptance
  • Petroleum specific point-of-sale terminals

We combine our vast experience in the electronic payments industry to offer you some of the most efficient, targeted payment solutions. As demand increases for flexible payment options, we can help you run your business more efficiently and cost effectively.

Petroleum Payment Solutions Include: Credit, Debit, and EBT Processing

  • Flexible credit acceptance options enable merchants to offer a variety of point-of-sale solutions and attract those customers who prefer to pay by credit card
  • Multiple Debit Acceptance products are available to suit your customer’s payment preferences, including personal identification number (PIN) debit and signature debit
  • The EBT solution provides the merchant with a consolidated statement and funding stream, documenting cash flow and simplifying the reconciliation processes. And, the service is discreet, with no additional identification or signature needed from the consumer